Barbaric Penetration – Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure

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Barbaric Penetration are playing some disgusting fucking Goregrind mixing almost every grinding shitty genre by including of course a Goregrind vibe and we can feel some “Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration” influences, also having a few groovy parts with even some Mincecore essence added by a few riffing with a Brutal Death Metal execution and all this melting pot being brutally fucking effective, original and giving them a brutal distinctive fucking identity! “Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure” carries its name very well with an unbridled fucking atmosphere transporting us into a cadaveric, disgusting and bloodthirsty fucking universe with 25 musickal pieces of the most fucking vicious including of course some less interesting but in general this fucking shit is scathing and bewitching us with its twisted fucking riffing but also its insanity! This crazy fucking band consists of Arnaud Cloutier (Exsanguinate/Vaginal Addiction) on Vocals, Pietro Calandrino (Exsanguinate) on Guitars/Bass, Mike Morbo (Holy Cost) on Drums and the trio are offering several sick fucking moments and a fucked up composition being not perfect but knowing how to give us a memorable fucking experience by their brilliant performance!

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