Crackwhore – Let This Be A Lesson…

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Release Date: December 4th 2020

The album is an aggressive hybrid of chunky, punchy Deathmetal with hints of Thrash, Grind, Black, Tech and Doom. Production is polished and airtight. Levels pound through speakers with clarity, precision and girth. Each track carries a unique theme and story with no redundantly drawn-out sections or needlessly overplayed riffs. The vocal attack is varied with multiple styles showcased, and lyrics are legible considering their abrasive nature of delivery. Packed with catchy twists, turns and ear worms, a seemingly endless landscape of ideas is represented. When the journey ends you will replay it to see if you really just heard what you think you did. After a couple listens it will begin to claim real estate in your brain.

Band Bio

Crackwhore was conceived in 2003 by like-minded veterans of the Vancouver death metal scene, some of whom had already collaborated on previous projects. The band worked fast. They played 13 shows throughout Western Canada, released a 13 song album entitled “Inner Piece” and disbanded within 2 years of existence. Satisfied with their endgame, the boys cheersed a toast to the carnage Crackwhore had left in it’s wake and parted ways to pursue separate musical endeavors. The mission was complete…

…Or was it?

Following a decade of underground accolades and a steady stream of interest regarding a reunion, an unexpected decision was made. Crackwhore would be resurrected and the fire reignited once more. Covertly, behind closed chambers with a new vocalist in tow, a sonic weapon of an album has been meticulously crafted and perfected. The time draws near for it’s deployment. You will not survive.

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