Atacke Nuclear – Exterminio

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The Atacke Nuclear band emerged in 2005 in the city of Three Hearts / MG. Formed by guitarist Iuri Grégori, the band uses his lyrics in the fight against social inequality, corruption, alienation and many others that sink our country and rest of the world, keeping this proposal from the beginning of its activities and not fads of today.

In June 2008, the band recorded their first album entitled “Infernal Massacre”, this disc containing 7 own compositions and lyrics entirely in Portuguese. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Engenho studio in Belo Horizonte / MG, by Andrew Hair, producer and guitarist Chakal band.

In July 2010, the band entered the studio again for the recording and production of its primeirio disk ‘full-length’, entitled “World Chaos”, which again was produced by Andrew Hair. Disc that contains 11 new songs and a cover. This album has a good visibility for the band, being distributed by various labels in Brazil, South America and Europe.

In the year 2015, and completing 10 years of road, the Nuclear Atacke back again to Engenho studio for recording and producing their 3rd album entitled “Extermination.” This disc a little different from the previous, more facing the root of thrash / death metal oldschool with major influences from bands mainly from the mining scene of the decade of 80/90.

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