At the Gates – “The Flames of the End”

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Now this is a piece of metal history! Everything you would ever need to know about At The Gates presented over 3 DVDs and brought together in this lavish deluxe digipak with a 40 page colour booklet full of old photos tht have never been made public before! With over 40 live songs, a 2 hour plus documentary, a bucket load of extra scenes and unreleased footage this is the definitve At The Gates release.

Long revered as the blueprint for Swedish Death Metal and a noted influence on all of the current metalcore bands, At The Gates split after releasing their masterpiece, 1995’s ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’, leaving many without ever having seen this killer band. Roll forward to 2008 and a string of reunion shows across Europe and North America the biggest of which would be at the Wacken Open Air Festival In Germany and which is recorded in it’s entirety here. Splitting again soon after the dates were complete At The Gates have kept their legacy intact and with this final release give you pretty much everything you could ever want!

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