Spend $25, Get 750+ Titles For $5

We’ve lowered the entry point for this month’s sale to $25 and we’ve unlocked over 70 titles to receive the discount, bringing the total to almost 800 titles!

The rules are the same as last month’s offer; once the subtotal in your cart reaches $25, the next eligible CDs & cassettes will be discounted to $5. Almost every title published to our shop before April 2022 will receive the discount, with only a few exceptions:

  • Items marked No Discounts
  • Items inside Bundles
  • Box Sets

Titles eligible for discounts begin on these pages:

Shop Eligible CDs | Shop Eligible Tapes

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping rates and taxes do not count toward the $25 threshold, only your subtotal. Offer ends July 1st, 2023.