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Distro Double Dip – Get Up To $4 Off CDs & Tapes

This month, the majority of CDs and cassettes are marked down by $2 and you have the opportunity to take another $2 off! Visit the social media accounts of one of these bands from our roster and find their exclusive coupon code:

Anthropic : FB | IG
Bleeding Spawn: FB | IG
Centenary: FB | IG
Cryophilic: FB | IG
Displeased Disfigurement: FB | IG
Eaten By Sharks: FB | IG
Epidermal Veil: FB | IG
Fumigation: FB | IG
Höwler: FB | IG
In The Act of Violence: FB | IG
Neurosurgery: FB | IG
Pleasure of Mutilate: FB | IG
Secreted: FB | IG
The Blood of Christ: FB | IG
Thou Shalt Not: FB | IG

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This promotion ends on February 1st, 2023. Standard shipping rates apply.