Zombified Humanity – 6-Way Split of Gore Grind Sickness

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6-way CD “More than one hour with the most brutal and honest acts from all the stinking corners of Brazil. The first one to cum over our ears is SYPHILITIC ABORTION, 10 tracks of heavy as blunt typical Goregrind with killer grooves to make CBT and LDOH proud of their contributions to destroy music! MITHRUBICK is the next to fuck us with its memorable half-Death/half-Goregrind, in 5 decompositions. Then, the duo of TRITURADOR doesn’t let the blastbeat and d-beat die, in 15 short mincing GrindGore tunes to make us mosh (plus Mortician cover)! After the autopsy, MASS OF SHIT comes with the simplicity of Grindcore, the heaviness of Death Metal and the ugliness of Gore all together! Next broothas, HIRARCHICAL PUNISHMENT, give us some extreme grinding Death Metal with killer riffs, doublebass attacks and Vulcano cover! The last band in this audio massacre is RANCID FLESH, a septic burst of noisy Gore shitting cover tracks of Xysma, Carcass, Dead Infection, Pungent Stench, LDOH and Blood! Plus, to decimate the putrid remnants of our timpani, one original defecation!

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