Zombie Attack – Bonded by Beer

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“Bonded By Beer” is the name of the second full-length album of the thrash metal band from Kiev (Ukraine) that has been relentlessly bashing out in the name of rock-n-roll, beer and (naturally) Satan for 10 years in a row. The music of ZOMBIE ATTACK is a punky thrash metal with catchy guitar solos, easy-to-remember choruses and drums that will make your feet rug-cutting. The accelerating intro that prepares listeners to the burst of abandoned hilarity is followed by “Bonded By Beer” – virtually the hymn of Kiev thrash metal crowd. If you have never spilled beer to this song, that only means one thing – you have never seen ZOMBIE ATTACK live. The album includes such (un)godly tunes like “Hail Satan´s Command”, “Satanic Barbeque”, “Apocalyptic Rock´n´Roll” and “Anarchy 666”, that guarantee there will be devils in Hell wishing to greet ZOMBIE ATTACK with tipsy drinks. In the aggregate, from the very first second of intro and up to the final antidogmatic “Non Servium” ZOMBIE ATTACK deliver intense, reviving, high-energy thrash metal that automatically makes you sing along, drink along, move, headbang and have a good time with your fellow metalheads. The album “Bonded By Beer” perfectly delivers pure energy generated during the live shows of the band and demonstrates that listeners definitely feel when the band gets a bang out of their music.

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