Worm – Foreverglade

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The band brings us a mystical and cadenced death/doom, with great melancholy symphonic passages, the band even playing death metal has a very strong root in black metal highly influenced by the great atmospheric bands of the late nineties.

This is all together with an extremely pulled melody from the doom funeral, with dragged and long songs. The vocal ranges from shrill black metal screams to funeral doom guruta vocals, something innovative and unique.

After knowing the band’s sound it’s impossible to forget or confuse it with anything else, expect something totally innovative from what you’re used to in death metal.

Get ready to enter a totally psychedelic and melancholy world, listening to the album is an introspective journey that varies from person to person, the more you listen, the more you notice new details and melodies.

The “vibe” of the album is extremely well portrayed by the artist Brad Moore who has worked with bands like Tomb Mold, Sedimentum, Flesh Crawl and Putrid Tomb.

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