Voices from Valhalla – Bathory Tribute

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Featuring mostly unreleased/ Bathory covers recorded exclusively or this
double cd. Also includes a 20 minute unreleased audio interview with
Quorthon in 1996.

1. Draconis Infernum ‘Satan my Master’
2. Hellsword – Die in Fire’
3. Koldbrann ‘Bestial Lust’
4. Nine Covens – The Return of Darkness and Evil’
5. Deception ‘Rite of Darkness’
6. Gnaw Their Tongues ‘call from the grave
7. Old corpse Road – Equimanthorn
8. Ravens Creed – For all Those who died’
9. Folkvang- Dies Irae’
10. Eastern Front ‘Holocaust’
11. Bloodshed Walhalla ‘The Sword’
12. Skyforger ‘The Woodwoman’
13. Munruthel ‘The Lake’
14. Nokturnal Mortum ‘Valhalla;
15. Gods Tower ‘Song to Hall Up High’

1. Wolves of Avalon ‘Through Blood By Thunder”
2. Sigh ‘Under the Runes’
2 Meads of Asphodel ‘Destroyer of Worlds’
3. Mael Mórdha ‘Vinterblot’
4. Darkest Era ‘Foreverdark Woods’
5. Ancient Ascendant ‘Flash of the Silverhammer’
6. Vrani Volosa ‘Man of Iron’

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