Vocifera – Evil Thoughts

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The first full-length album by Brazilian band can definitely be qualified as new wave of Brazilian thrash metal with its hot drum rhythms combined with old-school sound significantly influenced by death metal. Tough and sharp yet straightforward guitar riffs are complemented with fearsome vocals apparently breaking from the gullet of female mutant-zombie! The atmosphere of the album is pure evil. It is a concept based work dealing with the foulest human thoughts inducing desire of violence, murder and maniacal deeds. Some people manage to avoid the development of such inner self, while the more vulnerable psyche of the others becomes enslaved by these ideas forcing them to turn their horrible fantasies into reality. This release includes the first three-song demo recorded back in 2012 with bass and vocals performed by the former members of VOCÍFERA. The album will be a pleasant discovery for the fans of another thrash metal band NERVOSA, as both of these Brazilian bands consist entirely of girls!

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