Viogression – 3rd Stage Of Decay

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After what seems like eons, VIOGRESSION are set to release onto an unsuspecting world their third full-length album “3rd Stage of Decay”. Once again the haunting sounds of true Midwestern Death metal have risen from the Milwaukee Wisconsin pioneer’s summoning. Just under an hour, the album is fraught with the pummeling sounds of Old School Death Metal, never forgetting their roots from which they came. Evoking the brutality of a time long since past is just the beginning, “3rd Stage of Decay” is an evolution for Viogression as well. Haunting melodies, otherworldly vocals, blistering blast beats, super heavy intense guitar riffs and intriguing twists along the way compel the listener forward. Also featuring a guest solo by Jason Gobel (ex-Monstrosity, Cynic, Portal). The atmosphere and overall “place” the album takes you to, captures the Milwaukee death/doom feel flawlessly. While the guitar solos transcend you into an almost omnipotent state amongst the brutality, such a rare combination to have such glory & carnage mesh together for a conflicting, but perfectly executed masterpiece.

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