Velka – Purgatori Ignis Iudicim

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Purgatori Ignis Iudicium, the debut album of basque blackers Velka, consists of 7 songs in almost an hour of fast, aggressive and raging black metal, although at the same time impregnated with a certain melancholic feeling, also incorporating diverse and differential elements in each song.

It is a conceptual album in which the songs have a specific order, their lyrics following the narration of a murky and decadent personal story of descent into the depths of the psyche. The theme of the lyrics revolves around some of the darkest feelings that accompany the human race in certain moments of vital existence: Guilt, purgation, loneliness, consternation, despondency… They explore the limits of sanity and the consequences of the loss of humanity, trying to see how far a self-destructive mind that has lost all glimpses of faith and hope can go.

Purgatori Ignis Iudicium is released in CD format by spanish underground labels Base Record Production and Necromance Records.

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