Unity Through Sickness Volume #2 Compilation

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Bucket of Afterbirth Productions presents “Unity Through Sickness: Volume 2” featuring:

Obscured Revelations* (USA), Aborning* (USA), Goremonger* (USA), Atomgott (Germany), Back From Death (USA), Diluted Mind (Netherlands), Gutted (Hungary), Magguts (USA), Crepitation (UK), Bleeding Heaven (Germany), CUFF (Canada), At The Graves (USA), Post Mortal Possession (USA), Exsanguinate (Canada), Filoforce (Malaysia), Bound by the Grave (USA), Supplication (USA), & Vmthanaachth (USA). Logos by Joseph Delgado. Artwork by Arvin Palma.
*Exclusive track

Comes in Cardboard Sleeve
NO Case

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