Toxica – Ahogados En Contaminacion

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“Ahogados En Contamanicion” (“Drowning In Pollution”) is the debut full length of this Argentinian band that have most recently allied with Witches Brew to help spread the Thrash! With vibrant, steel edged riffs, aggressive vocals and destructive drums/basslines these 9 tracks are sure to satiate all who hunger for old style Thrash! This massive Thrash attack was clearly recorded while on a constant diet of EXODUS, TESTAMENT, SLAYER and the like mixed with copious amounts of tasty beer! As a special bonus, this features their entire “Egoismo Autodestructivo” (“Self-destructive Egoism”) EP from 2014, previously only available as CDR! I can’t say it enough: Thrash ’til Death!!!

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