Toxic Carnage / Smersh – Primitive / Razvorachivay

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This split CD by TOXIC CARNAGE (Brazil) and SMERSH (Russia) is an international salute to all thrash metal fans. This joint release lays a small bridge between the two continents and proves that the workers from all over the world are able to agree among themselves and create something worthwhile. Two countries, two parts of the world, yet the issues raised are relevant both here and there: war, famine, corruption, poverty, hatred – the symptoms of agonizing capitalism. This release is recommended to all fans of old-school thrash metal from rollicking thrash/speed metal with crossover elements by TOXIC CARNAGE (Brazil), to more aggressive and solid thrash metal massacre by SMERSH (Russia).

Release date: 16.08.2023 | Format: (Split CD) | Genre: Thrash metal

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