Torturer – Die In Pain

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“Just got the chance to listen to the up coming TORTURER album… Its dark, gritty, it got that fabulous vibe of the mid 80’s, almost low-fi if compared to some of our other releases but it suits the band’s music to a “T”… On this album I hear some old Kreator and Infernal Majesty, as if played by the guys from Hellhammer listening to some old 7” by Venom before being hit by a sledgehammer known as Death (The band)’s “Zombie Ritual” if Chuck would have had Teutonic roots instead of Californian and known a Gunter Schuldiner, The guy locally known for sporting a faded Mohawk and wearing a Damnation (MTL) t-shirt to a Discharge show and discovering the opening act Xecutioner (the band now known as Obituary) for the very first time… I JUST FUCKING LOVE IT!!!” (- Remi @ PRC MUSIC)

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