Tormentor – Morbid Realization

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The east German Thrash Metal band TormentoR was formed in the year 2006 by Max Seipke in the age of 12 years. Together with producer Evil (Antimensch) they recorded the first demo „Lesson in Aggression“ in 2007, which was released in the following year. Shortly after the release of it, Thomas Wedemeyer became the new drummer of the band. With the demo and some new songs they took over the road as a two-pieced band for the next two years. The demo mostly got good feedback by fanzines as Metal Guardian or Headbangers Zine from the Netherlands. But the biggest compliment came from the Kreator mastermind Mille Petrozza himself, as he praised the band in a radio station interview!

In the year 2010 the band went into the studio, once again with producer Evil, to record their debut album “Violent World”. After the recording was done, Christian Schomber on bass and Kevin Hauch on the rhythm guitar became new members of the band. “Violent World” was released in 2012 via Iron Shield Records. The album mostly got good feedback from Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, Heavy and many more! Following the release they toured through Saxony, Brandenburg and Poland and established their name in the underground scene.

2013 and 2014 there mostly used for writing new songs, which was recorded end of 2016. The result will be released as CD/ LP and Download/ Streaming again via Iron Shield Records!

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