The Omega Sequence – Aeon (Digi Pak)

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The Omega Sequence was formed mid 2014 in Minneapolis, MN with the goal of creating heavy and melodic music with no limitations and bringing forward each member’s musical influence into the creative writing process.

With the desire to create a concept to correlate with their music, the band formulated a story called The Eclipse Eternal.

The Eclipse Eternal is the overarching story, which chronicles the earth as a sentient being of great consciousness and power. A celestial entity that slumbers over time, but awakens to overtake the corruption and deadly aspirations of its current inhabitants. A cycle of cleansing which is executed in times of great global corruption and catastrophe; the cause of each of the great extinction events throughout the planet’s history. Wiping the slate clean for a new evolution to take hold and thrive.

This particular cleansing focuses on mankind’s nefarious and tumultuous existence and the sentient earth’s need to start anew. To rid itself of the human plague destroying its very essence.

The band’s debut release AEON is the prelude to mankind’s downfall, the story of which will unfold over the course of future albums and releases.