The Hell – Welcome To………….

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THE HELL (Belgrade) rose from the ashes of a cult Serbian death metal band Awaiting Fear in 2014, in order to brand the scene with it’s own uncompromising vision of death metal music. With the initial line up consisting of Igor Lončar and Željko Zec on guitars, Marko Mrčarica on drums, and Satan handling the bass guitar and vocal duties, the band releases the single Amen the same year while remaining more or less docile preparing the material for the first full length album. The beginning of 2015 sees the departure of Satan, due to the inner turmoils within the band and his place is taken by Tamerlan (Timur Iskandarov) handling the vocals and Milan Šuput on bass guitar. This is the line up under which command the album “Welcome to…” takes form. While the music of The Hell is rooted deeply in the old school death metal (formed by the masters like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Death), the band itself isn’t a stranger to the more progressive and experimental side of the genre, incorporating those elements to it’s music, thus creating it’s own signature sound.

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