The Blood of Christ – Frozen Dreams (Cassette)

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Blue Cassette

Back to the future? Back to the grind. Summer 1994, 5 teenage metal heads issued their 2nd demo tape “Frozen Dreams”. This was the first time The Blood of Christ recorded in a professional studio, and the first effort to feature new vocalist Jason Deaville.

The “Frozen Dreams” demo also gained the attention of Windsor, Ontario underground label CDN Records. CDN Records were the first label to help The Blood of Christ and distribute their demo, worldwide. This partnership and the new demo helped advance The Blood of Christ on the scene and started to make their reputation grow.

Now, fast forward 27 years, the band are still going strong and have once again partnered with CDN Records to reissue this special demo tape with remastering by Dan Swanö on cassette. The demo will also be feature as bonus tracks on the upcoming 25th anniversary release for Blood of Christ’s “The Lonely Flowers of Autumn” demo on CD, via CDN records.

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