Tanator – Disapotheosis

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The third full-length album by this black/thrash metal band from St. Petersburg, Russia! This album should have been recorded in autumn of 2019, however the recording has been consistently postponed until the pandemic outbreak. It seemed like this some kind of cursed album would never be recorded. As opposed to the previous releases, for ‘Disapotheosis’ TANATOR used an overdubbing approach instead of a band-in-the-room recording. This is also the first time there is a particular concept behind the lyrics that deal with the topic of war ranging from the description of guts forced away by tank caterpillars to more global problems, as in the first instance the war is nothing but the ambitions of a certain group of people. Then they drive us like cattle to spill blood for their ambitions and honor us with a piece of metal on a rag — a medal — when we lose hands or legs. As the recent geopolitical situation escalates we should prepare for the worst. As for the music — this is the same wicked black/thrash metal for the fans of Toxic Holocaust, Midnight, Gehennah and, probably, early Sodom.

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