Tanator – Call From Nowhere

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More Hate Prod. in collaboration with Careless Records and Cryptic Warsong Recordings presents the fourth full-length album of TANATOR (St. Petersburg)! The listeners can expect the amok squall of furious and hard-line thrash/black metal, inspired by heavy music of 80-s and 90-s, mainly European thrash and death metal, slightly influenced by British hardcore! This year the band has celebrated its 10th anniversary extensively touring Russia. Beyond all doubt, this release is a key milestone in evolution of TANATOR! The album was recorded with sound engineer Konstantin ‘Doiganov Kostek’ Dolganov, known for his work with Blackdeath, Wombripper, Chamber of Torture etc. Once again, it’s a live recording in one take — this approach has already become the hallmark of the band! Cover art by Anna Bantle.

Release date: 15.05.2023 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Black / thrash metal

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