Swashbuckle – Back to the N**se

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They are from New Jersey. They are a trio (well, a quartet if you count parrot „Shithead“). They were one of the lucky winners of 2008 issue of the international Nuclear Blast MySpace Contest and they will teach you how to thrash the right way! ARRRRRR! ” We pirates three be proud and honoured to announce that SWASHBUCKLE has inked an accord with Nuclear Blast Records! They have heeded the call of piracy and have prepared for conquests of pillage, plunder, and piratical metal along side our malicious high-seas hi-jinks. Here us now, world! The pirates three sail under the Nuclear Blast flag! Grab yar swords, tighten yar peglegs, ‘n hide yar booty… WE BE COMIN’ FOR YE!!! YARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!“ SWASHBUCKLE are not the average pirate metal band as one might think when it comes to this term. SWASHBUCKLE are just much more than that as they do have really strong feeling for what fits into the right place. Mixing punk influenced thrash with a hardcore edge and Carribean / piratical themes makes SWASHBUCKLE so special, so extraordinary – so in yar face! With a stunning production from GUNS N’ ROSES’ very own Ron „Bumblefoot“ Thal (who also played on „Back To The Noose“), that keeps up the dirty spirit of a plundering horde of rum drinking and cheering pirates, „Back To The Noose“ marks a highlight for this summer! All those sing-alongs, tropical/carribean parts and interludes as well as the brutal thrashing metal (think of S.O.D, ANTHRAX, EXODUS and SLAYER) will definitely rock every barbecue in 2009 and beyond! ” A few years ago I was at a bar and came across this band of over-the-top dudes dressed as pirates that just tore my face off – they immediately became one of my favorite metal bands. Since then we’ve done shows together, I played on their album, had them on my album and as my live band. These guys are local heroes, it’s great to see them getting out there. They’ve earned it and deserve the best.” Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal | GUNS N’ ROSES

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