Superior Enlightenment – “The Great Obscurantism (Digipak)”

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Extreme Metal (brutal black death) from Quebec Canada.

Superior Enlightenment is an extreme metal outfit featuring members of Magister Dixit, Utlagr & Fragments of Sentience. Somewhere between Keep of Kalessin and Zyklon, Superior Enlightenment is pushing the limits of brutality into the black metal genre. One of the best drum performances in Canadian extreme metal in 2009, Franky Blastbeat is literally outstanding. Combined with Ekinox’ relentless and merciless double guitar assault, it constitutes a crushing piece of violence. Superior Enlightenment condemns the attitude of the governing class. The great obscurantism is a criticism of the ruling elite and their means to keep and increase their power. Supreme wealth is a sign of supreme depravity.
– For fans of: BELPHEGOR, 1349, MARDUK, ZYKLON,

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