Sphere – Blood Era (Slipcase)

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“Blood Era” is a natural continuation of the previous release “Mindless Mass”, but also a new quality and new approach to the genre of death metal, in which Sphere has always been rooted. The band tried to release an album that is more stylistically coherent, but also enriched with elements that had not previously appeared in their music.
The new album is a blasphemous journey through an age of contempt, a blood era as an aftermath of the ever-growing presence of the Catholic Church in everyday life. Dressed in metaphors taken from the Book of Revelation, Blood Era is a rebellion of people indoctrinated by religious beliefs and tired of its hostile take over of freedom of thought. It is opposition and resistance.
An album which host two guest appearances: Damien Boynton (Desolation, ex-Vital Remains) and Dave Suzuki (Churchburn, ex-Vital Remains, ex-Deicide).

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