Speedemon – Hellcome

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Cryptic Warsong Recordings, More Hate Productions and Sanatorio Recordings present: the official CD release of the debut album by Portuguese speed thrash metal band!!! Many people consider speed metal something between heavy metal and thrash metal, and SPEEDEMON prove it true. Exploring the influence of such monsters like BULLDOZER and MOTÖRHEAD, this band creates its own music in the vein of thrash metal bands of the eighties. It’s a blood-pumping combination of those melodies that sound so familiar and catchy to any fan of the genre! Even on the debut the musicians deliver it as if they have been playing metal for ages. SPEEDEMON play solid thrash/speed metal with devotion to the genre and burning fire in their hearts. They are melodic and fast, but do not get off-genre. The sources of inspiration range from Hypnosia, Anthrax and Deceased to Heretic and Venom… This CD is a ticket to a thrilling adventure for all heavy metal maniacs!

Release date: 17.08.2023 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Speed / thrash metal

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