Space Hamster – The Ascent to Nothingness

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The debut full-length album by a thrash/death core band from Czech Republic. SPACE HAMSTER is remarkable for its line-up consisting of the members of other famous Czech extreme bands: CINZANA BIANCA (R.I.P.), MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF QUEER DECAY and KANDAR. Despite the commitment of the musicians to brutal sound of their main bands, this project can be characterized by more technical and kind of delicate approach. Bands music roots in death thrash metal where tough guitar foundation is combined with melodic lines and groovy elements. The vocalist mainly growls yet sometimes switching to clean singing that makes SPACE HAMSTER sound closer to modern death core. Booklet artwork is another thing worth mentioning. This is a comic book telling the story of a space hamster that leaves the dying Earth for distant worlds of the unknown galaxies.

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