Soothsayer – Death Radiation

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Every self-respected Heavy Metal fan knows of the band SOOTHSAYER from Québec cty. The band is still featuring the original demo (“To be a real terrorist”) line-up to this day! They also did the exquisite “Have a good time” that is still known as a classic crossover thrash album of all time! They shared the stage with AGGRESSION, DBC, CRUMBSUCKERS, SACRIFICE, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, KREATOR and POSSESSED to name but a few… and to this day, SOOTHSAYER is still influenced by SLAYER, RAW POWER,
DRI, SACRIFICE, KREATOR and SOD. Their comeback album “Troops of Hate” gave the band the opportunity to play various fests
and just revived the flame to create more blistering music. SOOTHSAYER signed with PRC MUSIC in 2018 and is gearing up to
unleash their new album, first in 7 years, entitled “Death Radiation”… their most devastating album to date! Still heavy and thrashing, the album captures the band’s humour and will to have a good tinme while giving you all a quality album that will be hailed as a modern classic in the years to come! THEY ARE BACK and SOOTHSAYER still Rules!

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