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The second full-length album by the one-man project from Krasnoyarsk (Russia). Angry, hard line thrash metal filled with rage and proletarian hatred for present-day capitalistic existence. Exclusively Russian lyrics address such issues like war, unemployment, interethnic hostility, exploitation and social inequality. It’s a proletarian perspective on the current situation in search for a way out of the existing contradictions, proletarian’s thoughts shared with proletarians! The music of the band is quite unusual — in fact, it’s a logical development of the legacy of such post-perestroika Soviet bands like Master, Front, Aspid, but with up-to-date sound! The release features guest appearances by the guitarists from SAVOYAR and ELIGORIUM. Cover art by WHITE WOLF ART.

Release date: 22.03.2023 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Thrash metal

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