Slytherin – When the Darkness Comes

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Second album from the Californian fans of the works by auntie Rowling. As compared to the debut, the new release is markedly different. The album turned out to be quite versatile stylistically and therefore is much more atmospheric. Monumental epic black metal intertwines with lyrical and brightly colored instrumental passages, when suddenly a lonely keyboard line timidly cuts through the avalanchine blast beat… All of that gives the music a special charm, and even when played in the background, it draws your attention to certain musical nuances – sometimes less obvious, yet mainly complex and multifaceted. Once again the band takes us on a sonic journey to the world of witchcraft hidden from the eyes of Muggles, for the album has numerous references either to the Harry Potter books or to the radio play that formed the basis for the authors of “When the Darkness Comes”.

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