Sledgehammer Nose Job – Stop! Hammertime

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You’ve always wanted a bastard old school Death Metal, Thrash, Crustcore and Rock’n’Roll? Boom! In your face! That’s SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB.

A Dutch metal band with MASSIVE ASSAULT members Carl Assault & Fredde Kaddeth. Assisted by session musicians Marco Prij from DISTILATOR & Caspel Le Gras to fulfill live shows and studio work.

“Stop! Hammertime!” including 10 tracks is their first physical release after a bunch of demo songs available for download through their bandcamp site. This 33 minutes unique mix don’t stop before any musical border & features elements of Death & Thrash Metal, Crust, D-Beat and a punky Rock’n’Roll gesture that says: “Fuck it! Let’s rock!”. That middle finger high in the air, you know! For all fans of DRILLER KILLER, GOREFEST, WOUND an absulute indispensable piece of music.

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