Skeletal – Bitterness and Burning Hatred

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When the matter of something deals with Death Metal, is usual to speak about two schools that became pillars of the genre (due their contributions on the canonization of the genre): USA and Sweden. But it’s almost a sin to forget other good schools that, even not being as important as these two above, are good as well. Finland had some very good bands during the 90’s, but still some very good names come from there. Names as the quartet SKELETAL, from the city of Jyväskylä, and they come to make the walls tremble down with “Bitterness and Burning Hatred”.

They use an Old School musical outfit that is similar to bands with an aggressive music, but with very good instrumental technique. So it’s almost obvious to say that the quartet’s music presents remnants influences from early albums from MORBID ANGEL and PESTILENCE, some melodic traces inherited from CARCASS “Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious”/”Heartwork” age, and some hooking Thrash Metal elements (something from SLAYER on its early days). But it doesn’t mean that the quartet don’t have a defined personality. They have it pulsing on their songs, along with aggressive and charming energy.

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