Shrieking Demons – Diabolical Regurgitations EP (Cassette)

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A newborn abomination devoted to the filthiest form of ancient death metal in the vein of Autopsy/Abscess, Decomposed, and Dream Death, SHRIEKING DEMONS may surprise with their moniker, but their sound is as sure and steadfast as it comes. A power-trio in the grand tradition featuring the vocalist of Cancer Spreading and Terror Firmer, SHRIEKING DEMONS’ sound is both sparse and smothering on their public debut, Diabolical Regurgitations. It’s a swift and exciting spin at a concise 17 minutes, dredging up doom before kicking into classic, righteously headbanging gallops, and all rounded out by crushingly clear production that sacrifices not one whit of grit or grime: simply, the sewer-dredging effect of SHRIEKING DEMONS cannot be washed off!

Drink deep and vomit it back up, for SHRIEKING DEMONS have arrived with Diabolical Regurgitations!

FFO: Abscess, Dream Death, Autopsy…

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