Seep – Souvenirs of Necrosadist (Red 12″ LP)

$20.00 CAD

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Birthed from the rancid offal of death, doom, and sludge metal, Maine’s SEEP is a solo death/doom metal project. The 3 songs that comprise their debut EP feature a sound that is both familiar and unique. Self-described as “down-tuned death doom putridity”. There are odes to brutal death metal in their sound as well, with the noticeably ping-y snare and an occasional burping growl over a slamming groove. That being said, the tempo never gets too fast and the production remains intentionally murky throughout.

Limited to 300 copies
Necro red wax
Includes exclusive 11×17 poster
Includes Bandcamp code in shipment
Album art by Parker Ewan Art