Scaremaker/Crypticus – Split CD

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A crushing split CD between two horror/gore-obsessed outfits is out now! CRYPTICUS is The North American/Scandinavian Death Alliance and offer four new tracks of old-school death metal with original tales of deadly scarecrows, black magic, and an undead H.P. Lovecraft SCAREMAKER is thrashing death metal band obsessed with all things old, horror, and the macabre. Line-up includes Billy Nocera (Razorback Recordings), Vanessa Nocera (Billy’s wife, also in SKELETAL SPECTRE) and Elektrokutioner (DECREPITAPH, ENCOFFINATION). The material includes five tracks of thrashing death inspired by classic horror films such as Madman, Burnt Offerings, and Trick or Treat. This vicious juncture features amazing cover artwork from none other than the mighty Putrid (AUTOPSY, HOODED MENACE, COFFINS, ACID WITCH). This is a must have for all fans of old school death metal, gore and horror

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