Santorment – Defective Mind

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The second full-length album by the only active thrash metal band from Latvia. The music of SANTORMENT is based on catchy guitar riffs in keeping with the best traditions of the genre. This high-level album excels its predecessor at every point: the songs are heavier, more balanced, groovy, measured, melodic and aggressive. The band energizes listeners frankly sharing emotions with them. All songs were created by two musicians: Roman and Andrey “Desolation” (philologist, photographer and music fan). The album deals with various topics: from struggle to unity, from ignorance and witlessness to freedom and loftiness. The album cover is metaphorical. It narrates a story about a self-destructive man. Being the only root of his troubles, he is torn between his thoughts, deeds and wishes. Stuck in limbo, dangling in flimsy shackles, he can cast them off at the very first try. However, he is undesirous of doing so, or rather, is too blind to see it. He keeps on repining at unhappy lot and answering every question with a doltish smile.

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