Rumble Militia – Fuck Off Commercial – The Rumble Archives Vol​.​ 1

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The Rumble Archives Vol. 1

Reissue series of 80s Legendary German Thrash Metal veteran – RUMBLE MILITIA.

Vol.1 contains
Fuck Off Commercial (1987)
En Nombre Del Ley (1988)
Mirror Of Fortune (1990)
A New Single (2019)

All first time on CD, comes with Japanese OBI and an album cover art sticker, limited to 500 copies.

This is where the story of RUMBLE MILITIA begins, a group of 4 young punk-head from Bremen, Germany decided to play metal and formed the band around 1985. The first outfit “Fuck Off Commercial” came out in 1987 from Germany cult metal label Atom H Records (Protector, Accuser, Shah, etc.) and immediately became a success in the underground thrash metal scene.

“Fuck Off Commercial” is hardcore punk-fueled crossover thrash in typical 80s way, unlike their country allies (mostly and obviously Kreator, Destruction and Sodom) trying to push Thrash Metal from Europe into more extreme and darker age, Rumble Militia choose to play for fun and making jokes, you can tell from their album coverart and you can also tell from that a bit Mercyful Fate influences which you can clearly spot from some part of the vocal style. It’s the right attitude for the right genre at right time. Previously release on Vinyl back in 80s only and now this is first time CD version ever. If you are into 80s thrash crossover scene, this surely is a must to be added into your collection.

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