Rubicon – Aliapolis

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‘Aliapolis’ is the third full-length and the first concept album by RUBICON! According to the concept, Aliapolis is a kind of ghost, otherworldly town at the junction of our reality and something unbeknownst, parallel to it. The town is inhabited by different extraordinary colourful characters that have no place in the ordinary human world… The spectre of a mysterious “dark Dictator” is hovering over the town. He is the one who turns the knobs and calls the tune… Who knows, maybe the town itself is nothing but hi. experiment… This is the inhospitable place where the main character (the narrator of the story) suddenly finds himself one rainy night… The album features guest appearance from Michael Draw (OTTO DIX) — the guru of Russian gothic music, who voiced the Dictator! In terms of stylistics, ‘Aliapolis’ is a rather ambitious and unique experiment: it’s a combination of epic and furious American heavy power metal, classic heavy metal, mysterious doom/gothic metal elements, bluesy female backing vocals, rock’n’roll rhythms, death/black metal blast beats and many other quite unexpected elements, organically integrated into the tissue of this extraordinary concept album!

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