Revelation – Spiritual Wind (CD + DVD)

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This 30th Anniversary re-issue marks the first release for THRASHBACK RECORDS and is also the first installment of what will be our ongoing “Florida Metal Archive Series”.

REVELATION were formed in the mid-80’s in Jupiter, FL. In 1987 the band entered Saturn Sound Studios in West Palm Beach to record their first 3-song demo entitled “Visions”. With the release of this demo, the band would begin to build a healthy fan-base in South Florida playing shows with the likes of Lady Sabre, Intruder, Warinstoch, Eden Rock, Messiah Prophet and countless others. The tape also would come to receive favorable reviews in ‘zines throughout the world.

In 1988 the band, armed with an albums worth of material, would record “Spiritual Wind” independently. This 9-track affair went on to garner rave reviews and further grow the bands base, as well as getting them attention from both independent and major record labels. Unfortunately due to the bands members ages (they were all still in high school) no deal was ultimately secured.

As the band moved into the 90’s line-up changes ensued (as well as a name change to Dauphin) and ultimately the band dissolved, with three of the bands core members going on to form the band Brother Grimm.

This deluxe re-issue features all of the bands studio recordings fully remastered from the original analog 2-track masters by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound and a 12-page booklet featuring archival photos and a historical Q&A overview with vocalist Mike Roy and guitarist Brian Shinn. Also included is a bonus DVD featuring their entire performance at the famed Cornerstone Festival in Grayslake, IL, as well as bonus live clips (including 3 songs never recorded) and Behind-the-Scenes footage spanning from 1988-1990. This deluxe edition is limited to 500 units.

If you’re a fan of hook-laden classic U.S. Metal you owe it to yourself to add this special release to your collection.

FOR FANS OF: Banshee, Leatherwolf, (early) Dokken, Barren Cross

1. Running Scared
2. Johnny 3. Spiritual Wind
4. Young Warrior
5. Children Of The City Nights
6. Fortress
7. Stop The Rain
8. Hunting The Devil
9. Good Cause
10. Visions (1987 Demo) [Bonus Track] 11. You’re Not The Only One (1987 Demo) [Bonus Track] 12. Good Cause (1987 Demo) [Bonus Track]

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