Reinfection – They Die for Nothing

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Brutal Death/Gore/Grind masters and reissue of their debut full-length
album – being out of stock for over 15 years!!!
Re-edition of the REINFECTION’s cult debut album released by the Deformeathing Production.

First release of the CD appeared on the market nearly 20 years ago through Ablated Records (USA) and it’s been unavailable for a long time.

In the re-edition, original tracks, recorded in Izabelin Studio, are presented in their original form. No re-mastering nor sound processing were applied. Ultra brutal death/gore/grind in its purest form! Only the graphic design was refreshed (a new front cover and thicker booklet were prepared).

Reinfection is an undisputed legend of brutal music, standing in line with the classics of the then scene, such as Damnable, Parricide, Yattering, Dead Infection, Epitome or Squash Bowels.

CD released in standard jewel case + 12-page booklet + obi.

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