Raging Fury – Grotesque Masked Krusher

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” the hexenbiest front! The Fierce Wolf is killing me!!”
Krunk Lai! Runaway Dry Vin! And the shudder of aishu!!
Build-up sound muscle full-throttle rage beast tank!!
Japanese thrash metal scene, one of the best power trio released! 3rd album!
The a! Powerful! Blood & guts!!
Raging Metal here we go!!

True Japanese underground. RAGING FURY strikes hard with their third full length album, Grotesque Masked Krusher, a curious yet aptly titled record from the power trio that has not only kept the Japanese metal scene alive but made it thrive and thrash! This music is scraped from the Osaka underbelly, and plays like a thrash metal score to a Kaiju film directed by Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo), where Godzilla would emerge not from the sea, but from the sewer. A rain of bullets, a bloody battle, and a throng of
wolf-men collide on this album that is truly Metal, and distinctly Japanese which sets it apart from anything else. No lipstick, no campy theatrics, just pure genuine Street Thrash played with intensity, and authenticity. It’s blood and guts!

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