Pus Lactation – A Cage for the Brain

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Ukrainian band Pus Lactation has made a good job on its debut full-length album!!! The guys play high-quality and really intense brutal death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse and Cryptopsy!

“A cage for the brain” is the aggression of fast guitar riffs sharp as a steel lancet in the hands of a skillful surgeon, the punch-in-the-piehole drumming and bass lines clanking like caterpillar tracks of the heavy tank on the march. It’s a deep and plumy guttural vocals narrating on war, politics, self-extermination of mankind and the other manifestations of the dark side of human mind. In fact, everything has been made in terms of the pure canonical brutal genre. At the same time, despite the perceived predictability of the material, the album has a really fresh and up-to-date sound! Make metal not

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