Gutted Christ – Hail and Kill

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Release Date: May 5th, 2023

Sick and twisted Satanic black death from Virginian sickos GUTTED CHRIST. Their latest in many years, HAIL AND KILL!!! Be prepared to bow down to the mighty SATAN!!!!

Track List

  1. Inverting the Cross (Intro)
  2. Blasphecross
  3. Bring out the Gurneys
  4. Weeping Savior (Feat. Archmage Nekrokrux from Serpentshrine)
  5. In the Coils ov Death
  6. Faceless Misery
  7. Straight Fucking Murderous
  8. Threat to Your Existence (Feat. Ryan Michael from Gutted Alive)
  9. Spawns ov Perdition
  10. The Art of Gutting (Outro)


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steven Miller Recording.
Artwork by Rudi Gorgingsuicide.

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