Prostitute Disfigurement – Embalmed Madness

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Re-issued with brand new cover art, the 2001 debut album from the Netherlands’ most brutal death metal band Prostitute Disfigurement!

1 Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer 2:11
2 Feasting On Remains 1:58
3 Choking On Defecation 2:55
4 Bloodless 2:09
5 Rotting Away Is Better Than Being Gay 2:52
6 Chainsaw Abortion 0:51
7 Knifeslasher 2:54
8 Disemboweled 2:22
9 On Her Guts I Cum 0:39
10 Prostitute Disfigurement 2:39
11 Cadaver Blowjob 2:09
12 Dissector 2:05

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