Poison – Into the Abyss / Resurrected

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POISON‘s infernal cult is alive!! Just when you thought that it was all said and done with F.O.A.D.‘s monster-work “Hoelle und vernichtung” (a colossal boxset including the band’s complete discography), the wizard of darkness and evil Uli Hildenbrand unearthed from his rotting vaults a lost & found mastertape of “Into the abyss” transfered directly from the studio reels back in 1987, unlike all the previously existing re-issues that were all taken from the 1st vinyl pressing. This version is the most pristine and faithful to the original studio recordings you can think of, sounding farly better than any other version around. Pure infernal armageddon from one of the most ancient pioneering Black/Death Metal hellhounds of the mittel-European scene of the 80’s. Originally recorded in 1986, released on tape in 1987 and then 6 years later on vinyl/LP by Median Creations, “Into the abyss” is the only real studio recording of this Teutonic blasphemic horde and hands down their most powerful production, considering that all the previous demos were rough DIY recordings made in their practice space.

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