Pathology – Incisions of Perverse Debauchery

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Pathology has burst violently back into the international extreme music scene with their follow up to their acclaimed 2006 debut ?Surgically Hacked?. ?Incisions of Perverse Debauchery? steamrolls through nine surgically precise slabs of crushing death/grind featuring David Astor?s (Being Killed, ex-Cattle Decapitation, ex-The Locust) seemingly inhuman drum work, Levi Fuselier?s (Disgorge) unique guttural vocal style and Tim Tiszczenko (Being Killed) taking on both guitar and bass. The brutal Californian death/grind three-piece have crafted a thick and powerful wall of sonic destruction, as they move from punishing, intense blast beats to monstrous death metal grooves with a three-pointed vocal attack. Pathology have managed to sow together death metal?s blunt brutality and aggression with outstanding musicianship to create their own brand of immeasurably dense, devastating death/grind. The result is a truly overwhelming release deserving of death metal’s elite.

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