Parasitic Extirpation – Putrid Crown

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Putrid Crown,’ the new EP from Boston maniacs Parasitic Extirpation on October 7th. Several years in the making, the release is 6 songs and over 20 minutes of brutal tech death chock full of groove & blast. Inhuman guest vocals from Brian Forgue (Gutrot/Syphilic) & Corey Athos (Flesh Consumed) along with a cover of a Carcass classic help round out the platter. The recording also marks the debut of vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy (Abnormality), drummer Jim Fitzpatrick & bassist Damon Psarris. With top notch mixing/mastering from Pete Rutcho (Revocation, Havok) and dark illustrations by artist Raqmo, ‘Putrid Crown’ is a full sonic & visual assault that will grab you by the throat. Looks for this new Masterpiece:

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