Ophidian Memory – The Stag

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This album was recorded and mixed in an apartment bedroom by Blake Lamoureux. The first Ophidian Memory full length titled “The Stag” is a narrative prequel to the self-titled Ophidian Memory and begins a saga set in the fictional realm of “Existence” where beings of darkness and light destroy humanity and plot against one another to sustain their creator, The Tyrant. The Stag (one of the three ancients created by The Tyrant to harvest humanity and form Seraphs) has returned to claim its harvest of souls, and to begin construction of the Seventh Seraph. Little do the humans know they are to be used as bait; just pawns in a game of life and death.
released May 27, 2022

Vocals/Lyrics: Blake Lamoureux
Electric/Acoustic/Bass Guitars: Blake Lamoureux
Drums: Written by Blake Lamoureux, performed by Superior Drummer 3
Mixed by Blake Lamoureux

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