Nuclear Remains – Radioactive Decomposition (Cassette)

$9.99 CAD

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Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona NUCLEAR REMAINS are a newly formed 4-piece brutal death metal act inspired by demo-era Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Mortal Decay, and Skinless.

Their sounds hearkens back to a time when brutal death metal was in its infancy and most primitive form. Bouncy grooves, intermittent blasts, and inhuman gutturals intermingle with a raw, organic demo production. You could tell me this came out in 1994 and I wouldn’t bat an eye!!

Gurgling Gore is proud to release NUCLEAR REMAINS’ debut demo tape “Radioactive Decomposition” – it is available now in 2 limited edition cassette variants. Both variants are limited to 50 each and come bundled with an exclusive woven patch (limited to 100).

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